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If you build a working relationship with this partner, Gemini will realize that the pleasure you give out in bed is well worth staying quiet for as long as it takes. Obviously, though, the two of you have a lot of stuff to work out. Looking for more love insight? Here is a person who not only caters to you, but seems to know exactly what you need before you do! Cancer will rub your feet with one hand and stroke your hair with another -- all while the most sumptuous dinner you could ever imagine is in the oven!

Cancer is also a very kind, loving partner in bed. There is one rub here that you need to know about. This retiring some would say manipulative sign does everything for you and asks for nothing. Eventually, this is going to make you feel rather guilty!

Pisces and Leo Relationship Compatibility (A Love Match Made in Heaven)

If you can handle that, your biggest problem will be dealing with being loved beyond your wildest imagination. Sure, you both have healthy egos, but you also understand why that is. The two of you will have a great time while you primp and pose your way to fulfillment -- but this will only work if you avoid becoming competitive. You will have to work your way through this at some juncture in your relationship. Unless your partner cooperates, this could definitely put a nasty damper on your passion. A long-term relationship with someone who shares your sign is a challenge, but you can make it work.

In fact, when you give someone as much praise as you want for yourself, your union becomes as precious and brilliant as a diamond. You and this focused person can get a lot of stuff done, both in and out of bed. The thing that makes you click is that Virgo lives to be of service to someone. Although this particular person likes to pick out little flaws, there is also always a lot of support there, right at your fingertips. Virgo is very particular about getting close to someone, and will admire your great grooming. Your hair, as usual, will be the main thing Virgo focuses on at first, and you may be treated to a light massage before things really get serious.

Your karmic lesson here is to give back. When you do, Virgo will offer you more and more. Discover your inner desires now. This is the kind of person who really appreciates your leadership and will usually pretend to welcome your dominant behavior. The thing with Libra is that the demure, passive personality is a front.

Libra will play you like a violin, getting you to do exactly what makes this hopeless romantic coo the way legendary movie stars do in those soppy black and white movies. Libra likes to be pursued. This goes for the male as much as the female, and will apply to some degree for most of your relationship.

This means that when you want to go to bed, you may have to try more than once. And hey, who can lay it on thick better than you? You must be gentle with Libra, because this refined lover enjoys each and every step. The lower back is a particularly sensitive area, so if you want to speed things up that would be a great place to start. In the long-term, you and Libra can be rather successful. Beware of emphatic statements on both sides, which can threaten to end things in a dramatic grand finale. If Venus Aries' eyes wander, or they show waning attention, the Lion roars.

After a fight, Aries wakes up with amnesia and a smile, while Leo never forgets. Love between these two will grow given enough stability and sensory stimulation.

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Both are lovers of the arts and of anything creative and unique. Concerts, art openings, movies, and the latest hot restaurant are all good bets for first dates. Both Leo and Taurus value loyalty, and both are outwardly affectionate. Most importantly, stable Taurus is secure enough to let Leo grab the spotlight. In the long term, however, their extravagant tastes could lead to conflicts over the household budget.

The urge for both is to live their values and passions to the fullest, and they get irritable when their high standards are not met. Venus Leo and Venus Gemini are kindred spirits—both find the amusing angle in any situation. First dates become a chance to make each other laugh, with each trying to top the other.

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These two are drawn to games, amusement parks, improv, fashion, and anything novel. There will be many days and nights spent in colorful places, actively engaging with the world, and each other. At some point, however, Venus Leo might wonder if life is all fun and games to Venus Gemini. A sticking point for Leo is loyalty, and Gemini is known to be capricious. Living with the uncertainty of loving such an erratic, changeable character may be hard on the heart. Conversely, Leo's attempts to rein in flighty Gemini might come off as overdramatic and domineering and could give Gemini the jitters.

There could be other factors, though, in the synastry, that give their love a more constant nature. If Venus Leo can accept Venus Gemini's need for space and lightness, this has the makings of a lifelong relationship.

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One thing that stands out is a shared love of children and all things related to childhood. First dates could begin with swapping stories of memorable events, and impressions from growing up. But what about going out? Venus Cancer is by and large a homebody, only truly comfortable among people they know and trust.

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Best Match For Virgo Man

Venus Leo, on the other hand, sees all the world as a stage and is buoyed by seeing admiration in others' eyes. Venus Leo gets restless for excitement and will become irritable, even aggressive if stuck in the same old same old. Venus Leo also tends toward high drama, while the Venus Cancer lover can be shy with feelings at least in public.

What Leo wants is ardent passion.

Flame Wars

What they get is the Crab's invisible, but palpably felt, webbing of emotion. This can feel comforting or claustrophobic. But the big differences in love styles can be met with compromise and by understanding each other's nature.

Leo Love Compatibility: Leo Sign Compatibility Guide!

What matters is that each wants to be deeply loved and understood for the unique person they are. When that's fostered, the relationship can be a success.

The Best Compatibility Matches for Leo Man (With Top 5 Choices)

Can one relationship contend with two drama kings, queens, or one of each? That's the question here, with two lovers who bask in the admiration of the other. And vice versa? That's a core theme, but beyond that, it's a match with a lot going for it. When Leo and Scorpio join together in a love match, the result is usually a dynamic and intense union. They are both extremely loyal, and often possessive of one another. Leo relishes comfort and luxury, often doing things on a grand scale. Leo tends to be flamboyant, and Scorpio will appreciate that and will be happy to be the audience Leo requires as long as there is equality in the relationship.

Leo shines brighter and more insistently, evolving into the living, breathing manifestation of magnificence and luxury. Scorpio shies away from the limelight but likes to control the mechanics. Because both Signs are so determined, these partners really need to work to understand and accept one another.

The Sun is about ego and self, and it radiates warmth and light. Leo indeed emits this kind of zeal and enthusiasm. Together, this abundance of male energy causes Leo and Scorpio to lighten their conflicts and assist one another. The Sun represents life, and Mars and Pluto represent ambition and the unconscious; as long as they take the time to really understand one another on a deep level, their romance is a positive one with high expectations.