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Com Logout Shopping Cart 2. Current Planets. How can I do a relocation chart? First of all, follow the link " modify reference place " in the section "Default settings" of the page Extended Chart Selection.

If you haven't chosen a reference place before, uncheck the box "use birth place" and click on "continue". Now choose a country and enter the name of the place you want your relocation chart for.

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Then press the "continue" button twice, and you will get back to the extended chart selection. If you have chosen a reference place before, click on the link " other town " beside your current reference place and change it to the place you want your relocation chart for.

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Now, you can choose the chart type "Relocation chart". Please, remember that your reference place remains changed after this, and the Personal Daily Horoscope, for example, will be done for the date and time of this new reference place. That's why in astrology, the houses symbolize the external circumstances and your environment which is changeable , while the planets in the signs point to your inner potential, your character which is more fixed.

Relocation Charts

While changing places and your environment, the interaction with your environment will change too. When you change your place of residence, the planets change houses and highlight other life experiences. However, as it goes, planets have some affinities with some specific houses the same way as planets feel good in some signs and bad in other signs.

If you relocate to a place so that a specific planet is removed from a certain harmful house, you can try to find the house that suits the planet best. This way, relocating can be a wonderful way of changing the way external circumstances influence your life. By the interaction of the changing environment with your static inner self, you will also start to bring other characteristics of the planets in the signs your inner self into the limelight.

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Your inner self will experience inner growth and transformation and your love life will improve. When your relationship potential is low at your hometown, change all that by relocating to a place where your relationship planets move to more favorable houses, bringing more auspicious relationship energies with your environment to the foreground.

Relocated Chart Basics - Astrodienst

Our " Where to Find Love? Your relocation chart i. However , note that when you move to another place, other life events may "deteriorate" more or less because, when some planets change for better local positions houses , other planets may switch to less favorable houses You cannot have it ALL.

Astrocartography and Relocation Astrology For a Better Life

There is not a single place on earth that will bring ever-lasting love, money, esteem, power, health, You cannot manipulate what is already written in your pre-birth agreement and that has to experienced, whether you like it or not. Read More.

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