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When you nobly and gracefully offer your truest heart to someone, you offer them the stability of your enduring love and commitment.

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At that point, you are powerful! Believe it or not, the Chinese Zodiac was developed during the times of the Zhou Dynasty, โ€” BC - Yes, a very, very long time ago! So, what happens when the Chinese New Year transpires? Like any transition or transformation, the Nian is an angry, cruel monster seeking fulfillment.


The Chinese honor their responsibility to appease the New Year Nian by shooting off fireworks and wearing red their color for Good Luck. If you choose to honor the time-tested truths of the Chinese Zodiac, then please consider finding your own safe, transformational ways to appease Nian.

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Perhaps figure out what YOUR lucky colour is.. Maybe your Life Path number should be taken into account..

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Find some means to honor the fact that you are a spirit-loved member of our universe, and therefore deserve the positive aspects of your Chinese Zodiac! The Chinese Zodiac is based on the Lunisolar Calendar.

This calendar considers both the solar year and the moon phases. They found that, while most years have 12 months, that a 13th month is experienced every second or third year. Our seven days of the week have been named after the Five Classical Planets, and the Chinese Zodiac Elements are all connected to them.

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Omitting the Earth and Moon, they arrived at the associated elements which signify the remaining Five Classical Planets. The actual Celestial Circle takes Look for your birthday in the follow list, and click on your animal for your personal interpretation!

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