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This online Astrological birth chart making tool in the Telugu language gives you total horoscope in Telugu along with predictions. In this Horoscope, You will get your Astrological details like Birth Sign Janma Rashi , Birth star Janma nakshatra , Janma namaskar, Ghata chakra it tells about inauspicious Day, Tithi, Month, and Nakshatra details , Lucky things like lucky colour, lucky day, lucky time, favourable gems to wear and lucky directions for house and business.

This Telugu Horoscope also gives you Lagna chakra It tells about overall life based on planetary positions , Navamsa chakra It tells about marriage and luck and other divisional charts like Horo, Drekkana, Saptamsha, Dashamsha, Bhamsha, Khavedamsha, Shashtyamsha etc. It also tells planetary positions degree wise.

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Placement of planets in nakshatra and pada, planetary motions like direct or retro motion, planetary combustion etc. This tool also gives the strength of each bhava house and planet along with planetary aspects on various houses. It also gives Jaimini karaka list. In predictions section, it gives an analysis of doshas we have in our birth chart along with remedial recommendations.

This section tells about doshas like Kalasarpa dosha, Kuja dosha etc.

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In prediction section, it tells what is the result of someone born in a particular Rithu season , Masa Month , Tithi Lunar day and Vara weekday. It gives details analysis about your Janma Lagna Ascendant.

Nature of a person, Health, Education, Marriage, Career and many more things. In Vimshottari Dasha predictions section, you can find detailed predictions of Dasha and Antar Dasha. You can check your birth chart from mobile also. Add to Wishlist. Welcome to Karthikeya Astrology!

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Karthikeya Astrology and Horoscope is globally released on August 2nd Through this User will Get Daily, Monthly, yearly horoscope predictions based on his Sign, and the best part of this karthikeya app provides Daily Panchangam, Festival calendar, all kinds of bakthi slokas, Vedaslokas and so on Main Features are : 1. Personal Horoscope 1. Users get Notification about Daily horoscope predictions For this notification have to allow Notification setting in Mobile 3.

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Weekly and Yearly Predictions 4. Daily Panchangam and Festival Calendar 5. Change your life on clicking karthikeya Astrology App.

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The most common practice to name a child is based on the quarter of the constellation Nakshatra occupied by the radical Moon i. Child Birth Details Birth Date:. Birth State:. Birth Country:. Select Continent Select Area.

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